About us -

Whiston Initiative in Cultural Heritage (W.I.C.H.)

It is with great pleasure that I have been asked to write this introduction for the W.I.C.H group that was formed in 2005/2006 by a group of local residents from the Whiston area, who tried to save the old workhouse chapel, which once stood on the New Whiston Hospital Site.

The group were given all the stained-glass windows and some remaining artefacts from the original chapel; they were then faced with looking for land to build on. They were offered land in Foxes Bank cemetery in Lickers Lane Whiston. The group has worked diligently and industriously to overcome all obstacles.A balance of £120,000 is required to complete the project.

The group along with so many wonderful businesses and local people have raised a fantastic amount of money already with fund raising events and donations. We were hoping to do the build in stages. However a staged build is not possible. Hence we need funding for the complete build. This is a big ask. But we know how much the people want and need this project. It will provide a quiet place of reflection for people to remember their loved ones .A need has been identified for a disabled toilet facility.This has been included in the plan. Families will have a place to sit and talk in private at their most vulnerable time.

We need people to do fund raising events for the group and to offer any ideas that will bring in funding. Additionally offers of goods, donations or sponsorships  from companies or individuals would be most welcome. Your help at this crucial time will enable this project to complete. Please contact me via  wichfoxsbank@gmail.com or on 07805028581

Thank you

Mr Roger Phillips DL  

Honorary  President