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Website 29. Oct, 2021

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Website 30. Jan, 2019

Sharonda Weathersby

Great site.

Website 23. Jan, 2019


Keep updating.

Website 27. Oct, 2017


everything is best.

Website 17. Aug, 2017

Vina Jones

I love the pictures you share, and very beautiful web design.

Website 1. Aug, 2017


Well done to everyone keep up the good work.

Website 25. Jul, 2017


What an amazing site, love all the details in your site!

Website 25. May, 2017


So glad to learn some amazing knowledge here.

Website 24. May, 2017


love your photos.

Website 14. Feb, 2017

Eddie Arnold

Thanks for all informative and I've learned a lot and am glad I was able to get some ideas here, nice site.

Website 30. Jul, 2016


I discovered many new things from your website. Thank you for this!

3. May, 2016


Hello, please don't get disheartened if it seems that nothing is happening, we would like to assure you an awful lot is happening behind the scenes, and we still desperately need your continued support. We have recently held some very successful events
which is another step nearer towards our goal. To all the WICH Committee Please carry on with your unselfish help and support as it is vitally need it and appreciated

Best regards

Website 22. Nov, 2015

Lesley Martin-Wright

Keep up the good work we will continue to promote the project and the vision you have

Website 25. Jun, 2015

David Williams

If its the baby books you are taking about the are I the hospital

28. May, 2015

june brindle

So glad that certain things were saved, are the books full of names saved ?


Thank you to the group.

2. May, 2015

Jan, a late arrival.

The organisers of W.I.C.H have had a long up hill struggle to acheive the aim, of keeping the community heritage, in the form of the Chapel Building from Whiston Hospital. Without your dedication the building along with irreplaceable stained glass windows
would be a heap of rubble in the landfill site. The whole community, families & friends of the deceased, should raise their hats and wish for more people like you.

A credit to the community xxxx

24. Apr, 2015


Just found this site and to say it's fab so informative

Thank you

Website 24. Apr, 2015

Stephen Nulty

Good luck with the project. I believe my grandparents were married in the chapel in 1926


23. Apr, 2015

Les Birchall

You're doing a fantastic job. Thanks for all your hard work. Although I have no family in the Cemetery, it's a fine peaceful place to visit. The Christmas Memory Tree is a great idea.

19. Apr, 2015

Len Williams

Well done with the news page can't wait to see the steel go up at long last let’s hope lots of people use the my donate page so you can claim gift aid back and get the tax from the government

Website 16. Apr, 2015

Phillip Chalmers

Really pleased to have found this site and to read about the plans WICH has to use elements and artefacts from the original Whiston Hospital / Workhouse Chapel in the construction of the memorial building. Its good to know that at least some of the hospitals
heritage was preserved and will now have a new life.

I manage a Facebook page which celebrates the former St Helens & Knowsley School of Nursing, where generations of nurses and midwives were trained, myself included. There are a number of Whiston and St Helens Nurse and Midwife alumnae who visit the website,
as I'm sure they will be as keen as I was to hear about these developments and follow your progress - I have taken the liberty of posting your website address to the St Helens & Knowsley SoN page - link below. Good luck.

8. Apr, 2015

Ann Caton

The group who are responsible for this amazing project have worked tirelessly for many years and with many knockbacks. They are awesome people. I'm so proud to have one of them as my sister in law and one a dear friend. Doreen and Norma

3. Apr, 2015

Sheila Bennett

It is a privilege to be a member of W.I.C.H.

3. Apr, 2015

Len Williams

Well done to everyone keep up the good work

2. Apr, 2015

Sue Brandreth

What an amazing group of people. All working tirelessly for a fantastic cause. I have had the privilege of being involved with this project and watched all the hard work that has been going on ...all with smiles on their faces. This project is going forward
at a great speed now. Thank you to all the great people who must be delighted that all their wonderful hard work is now going so well. Well done to the amazing group. Xxx